Interactive Displays

In today's world, more and more technological advances are expected in almost every facet of life. Interactive displays with audio and video are important to keep visitor's engaged. We can help in bringing full featured trade show and museum exhibits to life not only from a design standpoint but also with and without integrated technology. Based on your specific needs, Design Function, Inc. will work with you to find an original and creative solution to your interactive display needs. We establish the balance between form & function and technology based or manual operations as per your requirements. We focus on the main objective of your specific exhibit needs. The importance of bringing your display outward is a prominent one, and we'll be with you every step of the way to ensure fantastic results.

America on Wheels
AoW - Wayward Wheels
Matching game

Big MMTB Display 1

Schenectady Planetarium
MRI and You Exhibit 1

Frog World Exhibit - Frog Interactive

NMR Interactive Displays
NRM Kids Zone - Horseshoe Interactive